Jeff's Field

Fields are Underway!!
This is the site plan for the LOUYAA Athletic Complex underway in New Market, MD. The fund for Jeffy’s Field will help to enhance all four baseball diamonds. Diamond #1 will become “Jeffy’s Field,” (shown in rendering below). It is in a beautiful location, surrounded by protected forest.

Initial grading is complete and final grading is almost underway. We have a long way

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to go, as the field will be built in stages over the next several years. Play could begin as early as next year, however. Stay tuned for photos as construction of the field begins!

Updated rendering of Jeffy’s Field
Ripken Management and Design sent us a more refined rendering of our early design for Jeffy’s Field. It’s much more detailed than the previous sketches and includes the open dugouts, shaded “grandstand”, and the versatile infield design that can accommodate both 60- and 70-foot base paths. You’ll also notice, as in previous designs, that Jeffy’s Field incorporates a “green monster” home run wall that ballplayers will look forward to hitting. This and other field features are still in early consideration and are subject to change.

Spring 2010: Exciting News About Jeffy’s Field
The Hayek family has been very committed to building a baseball diamond we know Jeff would have loved, and that generations of Frederick County youth will be excited to play on.

Now, we have the opportunity to help develop four baseball fields into a very special baseball park.

Once we dreamed of Jeffy’s Field. Work has already begun on four fields.

A beautiful new location
Jeffy’s Fields will now be part of the new athletic field park being

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constructed by the Linganore Oakdale Urbana Youth Athletic Association (LOUYAA). LOUYAA is the athletic program in which Jeff played baseball . We will be helping LOUYAA develop these fields into outstanding baseball venues. At the same time, we have the opportunity to name these fields in Jeff’s memory. It will be a special place to play.

A little bit more about the New Market fields.

  • The location of the park is in Jeff’s hometown of New Market, Maryland.
  • The park’s backdrop is a pristine, protected forest .
  • The entire complex will include baseball and multi-purpose fields sorely needed by Frederick County youth.
  • The fields will be seeded this year. LOUYAA hopes they will be playable either next year or certainly by 2012.

Jeffy’s Field
All of the fields will be special. One of the four baseball fields will be built as the ‘field of dreams’ diamond Jeff dreamed of playing on, and we have been working for. Each year, we’ll help to make Jeffy’s Field and all the fields better than they were they year before. Our fundraising efforts will also go toward donations to other youth baseball organizations and programs in Frederick County.

We often think about how Jeff would have reacted to all this excitement. He would have blushed, he would have said “Really!?”, but he would have loved it. We only wish he could step out onto one of the pitcher’s mounds at the beautiful baseball fields that will be built in his honor. We know he’ll be watching.

Look here for photos and updates as the fields take shape!!

Ripken Baseball goes to bat for Jeffy’s Field!
As you know, our intent is to make this field a thrill for every child who plays on it. We made great strides toward that goal recently when Ripken Design & Management in Aberdeen offered to provide field design and construction consultation for Jeffy’s Field.

Creators of the original design you see on this web page, Ripken Design & Management will be working with us to create the field so many of you are helping to fund.

Part of the Ripken Baseball family of companies, Ripken Design & Management works with cities, investors, and ownership groups to fund, design, and install some of the nation’s most outstanding sports environments. The talented professionals at Ripken Design & Management will surely help to create a beautiful field that will thrill countless youngsters and will bring a smile to Jeff as he watches over those who play on it. We look forward to working with Ripken Design & Management in the weeks and months ahead.