Monthly Archives: April, 2015

  1. Roofs on–grading field


    Things are moving now! In addition to the roofing, the concrete capping is on the dugout walls and you can see the cutout infield where the spacial baseball mix will be filled in. Clay composition at home plate and on the pitcher’s mound (I think!), then sodding across the whole field. It’s going to be […] Read More

  2. Jeff would be so loving this.


    Along with the brickwork, the roofing is going on the dugouts, Hunter Green in a “standing seam” pattern. Very classic. Very baseball. They’re also starting to prep the field for the special infield mix arriving soon. Many thanks to Jamie Schinella, project manager with Clearwater Landscaping for forwarding some of our pics.

  3. Backstop–in brick.


    Things are happening so fast at Jeffy’s Field that it’s hard to keep up with the pictures! This is the backstop which has now been dressed in the distinctive Shenandoah brick. Dugouts are covered, but awaiting the hunter-green standing seam metal roofs. Banded concrete in foreground will provide polished look to┬áthe top of the dugout […] Read More

  4. Another brick in the wall.


    This is a three-foot high brick back to the dugouts. The rest of the back wall will be chain link so parents can see their little ballplayers. The dugouts will have green roofing. The same brick wall will continue around and make up the backstop wall. New photos coming! Come back and see!

  5. Put me in coach…


    Looking from center field toward the dugouts and backstop wall. Irrigation is in, brickwork has begun on the dugouts, and it’s really beginning to look like a field!