1. Introducing…Jeffy’s Field


    We’ll have many more pictures to come from our dedication and just looking around the field itself, but this is a great shot taken from above that pretty says it all. What a wonderful field it turned out to be, and how great it will be for kids to play baseball here. For those of […] Read More

  2. Dedication June 14. See you there!

  3. He winds up, and here’s the pitch…


    The pitcher’s mound has been crafted and home plate has been placed for Jeffy’s Field. It gets closer and closer to being a finished gem of a diamond. Looks like the sod is starting to take as well as the grass is getting longer. Thanks to Clearwater Landscaping for those daily waterings. Irrigation gets hooked […] Read More

  4. …aaaand he’s got it!

    One of Jeffrey's favorite shots

    This was one of Jeffy’s favorite pictures…reeling in a fly ball. We miss you buddy!

  5. Backstop is up!


    Something’s happening every day at Jeffy’s Field. Yesterday, most of the fencing was completed and the backstop fence was in. They also started washing down the brick and it looks spectacular!